Vitiligo BioBank consists of the principal location and a number of participating biobanks in key regions. They hold collections of biosamples along with clinical profiles of vitiligo patients and annotations on efficacy of vitiligo therapy in combination with different drugs.

  • Canada (Vancouver)
  • China (Shenyang)
  • Croatia (Zagreb)
  • Georgia (Tbilisi)
  • India (Gujrat, Chandigarh, Mumbai)
  • Italy (Florence)
  • Kazakhstan (Shymkent)
  • Pakistan ()
  • Russia (Moscow)
  • Tanzania (coming soon)
  • USA (Boston, Dallas, Aurora)

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Instead of having samples transferred to some central location, our CloudBank IT-system can track samples at an unlimited number of locations. The samples never have to be moved or handled until they are needed. The originators own their samples, and the VRF guides them in building the collection and participating in research.

The principal Vitiligo Biobank service facility at the Center Of Excellence in Moscow supports basic, translational and industrial research. The VRF considers itself as a research partner rather than a sample provider. The VRF administration prefers not to transfer samples outside of the facility due to legal limitations on biomaterial transfer in/out of Russia. Instead, we favour on-site analysis at our state of the art laboratory.

If you are interested in joining the Vitiligo Biobank network or simply have an existing collection, please contact us to discuss options that may be available to you.