Dear Colleague,
  We cordially invite to join the Vitiligo Biobank project, the first really collaborative research project on this neglected skin disease.
  The Vitiligo BioBank is a collection of biological samples and detailed clinical data that is designed to facilitate medical research into vitiligo. It was established, and is currently being supported by the non-profit Vitiligo Research Foundation.
  Vitiligo BioBank consists of a principal location as well as collaborating centers in 11 countries. They each hold collections of biosamples along with associated anonymized clinical profiles of each vitiligo patient. The originators retain ownership of their biosamples, and the VR Foundation plays the role of guide in building the collections and participating in research.
  The samples do not have to be moved or handled until they are needed. Instead of having samples transferred to a central location, the centralized IT-system tracks biosamples at their current locations. This provides investigators with the opportunity to search for and request access to the biomaterial that fits their vitiligo research purposes.
  We invite all interested dermatologists and researchers to participate in the Vitiligo Biobank Network. If you would like to join, or already have vitiligo-related medical data or biosamples, please fill in the form below, or download it as a Word document and e-mail it back to us at


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